Motive Motion 2006
Interactive video projection (collaboration with Sander Houtkruijer)
developed for Menzis care insurance, Groningen

‘Motive Motion’ is an interactive video projection that has been developed after winning the Menzis fund 2006. The task was to develop a work of art for a crowded spot on the ground floor in the premises of Menzis in Groningen.
The dominant presence of the wallpaper in the Menzis building has been chosen as the visual starting point for the projection. Thus the spot becomes, wich firstly a ‘non-spot’ was, linked with the rest of the building.
The wall-paper-motives are moving smoothly over the projection and are showing each day another type of behavior, this in a cycle of 13 different types. This movement is influenced by the position of people who are positioned in front of the projection. The projections transform from almost quiet when there are no people to very press when there are a lot of people in front of the projection. In this way there is a mutual interaction between the work and its spectators.
The wall-paper motives have fixed colours for each day of the week. Together with the 13 different types of behaviour it lasts 3 months before the same behaviour is combined with the same colour.